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Pink Sugar

Meet Brittany


Brittany Wallmeyer

CEO + Founder

As a consultant, for over a decade it has been Brittany's mission to provide the highest level of operational support to physicians across the country while also partnering with them to develop defined strategies for patient acquisition, engagement and retention. After years of practical, in-office experience—balancing patient relationships, maintaining records and hands-on assistance—Brittany joined a private healthcare consulting group to offer her unique perspective on the patient experience and how valuable it is to a practice. 


Brittany can research and prepare custom market analyses that identify patient demographics, competitor analysis, product development and membership sales strategies as well as develop staff training programs that reinforce revised messaging, the enhanced patient experience and technology implementation.  

These contributions and her development of outreach strategies have resulted in successful practice conversions in major cities world wide—often exceeding targeted capacity plans.  Providing physicians with the right tools, team and support to grow their business continues to be her passion; her goal as a consultant is to help you feel confident about exploring alternative paths and feeling empowered enough to make a change!

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